Monday, November 28, 2011

Trench of Doom

Ty-Guy, AKD, Con-Man, Roger, and MC
We had half of our nephews (and half our siblings and half our parents) visiting us this weekend. 

We did some fun things together, like volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, where our group of 74 volunteers packed 20,520 meals in about 75 minutes - enough to feed 56 children for a year,
Chicken, veggies, soy, rice!
AKD, GrandMary, MC, Aunt Buckwheat, Con-Man & Ty-Guy
Roger added the "best if used by"
stickers to the bags

visiting the science museum,
Con-Man, Roger, and Sawblock "on the air"

and harvesting our Christmas tree.
Got one!  With GrandMary, AKD, Con-Man, MC, Roger & ShepGDad

Oh, and there was an itty bitty tiny little spot of food involved, as well.

During the course of their visit, there developed, in our home, a Trench of Doom.  I'm a little shaky on the details, because I spent a good portion of my time in the kitchen, plus I was a little scared to go into the basement with 5-7 wild boys bouncing off the walls down there at any given time, but I'm sure it was very trenchy and quite doomish.

On Sunday afternoon, I got out our Little People Nativity for the kids to play with--it's getting to be about that time :)

Later on, I overheard Uncle Sheppy saying to Con-Man, in an incredulous tone, "you have baby Jesus in the Trench of Doom?"

Let me assure you, the Trench of Doom is no place for a baby.

Ah, but baby Jesus isn't just any ordinary baby, is He?  As a matter of fact, the Trench of Doom is just the kind of place Jesus would go.  The Trench of Doom is exactly the kind of place where Jesus needs and wants to go.

Jesus meets us in our own personal trenches of doom: those dark and dreary places, with monsters lurking in every shadow and peril at every turn.  Jesus protects and guides us, delivering us from the trench, delivering us from certain doom.  Jesus brings light in the darkness, rest for the weary, and hope to the hopeless.

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