Friday, November 4, 2011

Friendly Friday: The Pies Have It

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy puns?  Love 'em.  I think they're...ahem...punny.

Anyway...the other day I mentioned that we made 6 apple pies on Sunday.  We have just two apple trees, so we don't get a ton of apples, but we do get enough that we couldn't possibly eat them all before they go bad, and our family (Hubby in particular) hates to let them go to waste (although one might argue that if we left them on the ground they would make a tasty meal for the deer).

In the past we've made applesauce.  Lots and lots of applesauce.  So much applesauce that we still have 5 quarts left from two years ago, and that's after sending the Bluefields home with 2 quarts last weekend.  It's delicious, but I gotta admit I'm a little tired of applesauce.  So this year, we turned to pies.

As I said, we made 6 pies on Sunday.  It was a great family fun activity.  The boys (all four of them) peeled apples, and I did everything else, which included mixing the filling, and making and rolling out the pastry. Two are in our freezer for future use.  We baked two to give to the new neighbors to our north and to our west--I was gratified to be able include the rest of the family in last week's Kinding Mission.  Oh, and by the way, those two pies looked and smelled sooo delicious (sorry I didn't get a picture for ya).

So, if you're paying attention, you realize that leaves 2 pies unaccounted for.  Hubby took those two to work to give to the office managers.  It was an unexpected treat for two essential, but generally unacknowledged, members of the team, and I think it made their day, not necessarily that they received an apple pie, but that someone made an effort to show appreciation for all of their hard work.

Way to go, Hubby!  :)  And, if there was any doubt in my mind that sharing my Friendly Friday experiences was making a difference for anyone, if I had any misgivings that I was actually spurring [anyone] on toward love and good deeds, now I have my confirmation.

Did you step out in kindness this week?   Feel free to share in the comments (remember, if you don't have a Blogger profile, you can post a comment as "anonymous" or choose the name/url option--you don't need an url).  I'll be linking up to O My Family's Friendly Friday post this week--hop on over to read about the experiences of others, and to be inspired to make a difference this week through acts of kindness.

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