Friday, October 5, 2012


I was driving home from dropping Bubby off at preschool and I was steaming.  First they insist that I get that stupid form signed, despite the fact that we already had the form signed and on file, and now they were saying we owed them money that we had already paid.  The sky was gray and so was my attitude.  I was seriously annoyed and a storm was brewing in my head.  I was thinking a few choice words about the incompetents who apparently run the show over there, including muttering to myself that if these issues had cropped up last year, when Bubby attended a different campus of the same school, he would be attending preschool elsewhere this year. 

It was ugly.

And then, as if a switch had been thrown, the sun came out from behind a cloud, illuminating the impossibly bright colors of the autumn leaves gracing the trees on either side of the winding road I traveled.  At the same moment, I heard the first few phrases of the song BLINK by Revive coming through the big ol' 'burban's speakers:

Teach me to number my days and
count every moment, before it slips away
take in all the colors before they fade to gray
I don't want to miss even just a second more of this

Winding Road to Autumn
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WHAM!  It was a message straight from God, if I've ever seen one.  It was as if God was saying, my child, this is not worth the effort you're putting in to being angry.  Let it go.  As if a switch had been thrown in my soul, the clouds that had been gathering in my head, distorting my world view, dispersed, leaving my vision clear to see the beauty that is life. 

And you know, God was right (as is often ok, always the case), this is just not worth ruining my day over.  Those moments that I spent in anger and frustration--a good 10 minutes or so, before God's message broke through--I can never get those back.  Instead of seeing and reveling in the beauty of creation around me, I was seeing red.  What a waste.

Later in the song, the band sings:

I try to hold on tight
but there's no stopping time
what is it I've done with my life
it happens in a blink

when its all said and done
no one remembers
how far we have run
the only thing that matters
is how we have loved

I don't want to miss
even just a second
more of this

What else have I missed by holding on to anger, frustration, disappointment?  No more, my friends.  My choice?  To put aside anger and turmoil; to live in grace in peace.
If you'd like to listen to the entire song and read the lyrics, here ya go:

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