Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baking and food prep day

Today's my baking and food prep day.  I didn't really plan it this way, but I figure if I'm heating up the oven, I might as well do all my baking at once.  I needed to make the 30 minute rolls today because I moved up the hot beef sandwiches due to evening commitments.  Also?  I wanted to use my new crock pot again.  As soon as possible.  And we're almost out of soup, so I need to make some more (I eat soup for lunch just about every day.  You knew that, right?  I make a big pot, sometimes for supper, sometimes (like today) not, and freeze the leftovers in single portion containers).  But before I make more I needed to can some pinto beans, because it has been way too long since I've had my favorite soup, and my favorite soup requires pinto beans.

FYI, way too long = about 8 days.

So please excuse that smear of flour on my nose and the honey dripping from my sleeve.  Oh, and the mess!  I'll get to the dishes in a little bit.

Not my kitchen {source}.
Because who has time to take a picture, edit it, and load it when there's baking to be done?

I started this morning with the beans, because I was hoping to make that soup today.  Actually, I started the beans soaking yesterday.  Now they're done and the canner's cooling.  I'm kind of afraid to open it, though, because explosions could occur.  And can I just say?  Good thing Bubby's bus was late.  I thought that thing would never pressurize.

While I was waiting for about 3 pots to boil, I put the roast in the crock pot for the hot beef sandwiches.

Next, well, after a brief delay waiting for the bus, I started in on the baking.  I like to bake in order of oven temperature, lowest temperature first.  Because it's kind of hard to tell when an oven has cooled off enough, until it's actually too cool.  Much easier to tell when it's warm enough.  Lowest temp was the "KIND" bars at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  Real, whole, simple ingredients.  (Hopefully) incredible taste.

The Freakin' Insane Chocolate-Chip Applesauce Quick Bread was next.  It's in the oven now, almost done.  When I told MC I was going to make Freakin' Insane Chocolate-Chip Applesauce Quick Bread this week, he told me I shouldn't say that--it's a bad word.  I told him I don't really consider "Freakin'" to be a bad word, especially since it's in the title of the recipe.  I mean, I don't go around saying "Freakin'" all the time, but, you know.  He responded that he does consider it a bad word and that I shouldn't say it.  As the kids say, burn.  Here's the recipe.  Since I used cinnamon applesauce, I halved the cinnamon.  And I have to tell you, it smells Freakin' Insane-ly good in here.

I'll wash my mouth out when I do the dishes.

The 30 minute rolls are ready to go in the oven.  The longer that bread takes, the more time my rolls have to rise.  The longer they have to rise, the bigger they'll be.  Win!

Next, I'll brown some ground beef with onion for my favorite soup.  It won't be done in time for lunch, but it'll make a nice afternoon snack.

It's not even noon, and just look at what I've accomplished!  A counter-and-sink-full of dirty dishes!  AND dirty counters!  AND recipes and ingredients strewn haphazardly about!  AND dirty, slept-in clothes!  AND 2 out of 7 baking and food prep projects DONE!  But not all the way!

And then.  The clean up.  Dum, dum DUMMMM! (that's sinister music, just in case you couldn't tell).

I need this.

All right.  Back at it.  If you don't hear back from me, it means the pressure canner exploded.  Or I collapsed in exhaustion.  Or I have nothing to say.

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