Saturday, May 2, 2015

The House on Moody Avenue: A Review

I recently read The House on Moody Avenue, the ebook edition.  After reading the book, I honestly couldn't tell you what it's supposed to be about, so here's what Amazon has to say on the matter:
An eclectic assortment of humanity, with all their foibles and failings, lived in the house on Moody Avenue over a period of ninety years. I tell their stories. Lisette, her unshakable faith sustaining her, is undeterred in the face of adversity; Julia, a social-climbing snob, sees her world crumble when her children marry inappropriately; Clarence, a Casper Milquetoast bank clerk, absconds with a quarter of a million dollars; Frances, a country girl, comes to the big city to marry a rich man; Sammy, a black man, passes for white. Beatnik squatters, high on LSD, burn down the condemned ninety-year-old house, leaving it naught but a precious memory in the hearts of those who once sought its shelter.
I did not care for this book.  Considering that the unifying "character" throughout was supposed to be the house, it seems like the author could have done a better job developing the house's character.  I enjoyed the first story, of Lisette and her, but as the book progressed I found myself less and less engaged in the stories--I just didn't care, and I couldn't figure out what the author was doing and what the point was.  I kept reading, because I thought for sure the author would continue themes or characters or storylines in each section of the book, but no.  This was just a bunch of unrelated characters with random things happening to them.

Bottom line: skip this one.

I received this book for free from the publisher through the Book Look Bloggers program in exchange for my honest review.

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