Saturday, May 16, 2015

This is how cheap I am: cute napkin edition

Little known fact: last year, one of my very favorite sisters in law gave me cute napkins every month.  She even matched the napkins to the month, which is actually kind of difficult to do for months like September and May.  

This is why she's one of my favorites: she knows what makes me happy.  It's the little things.  These monthly gifts made me so happy that this year, I'm doing the same for someone else.  Only different.  I'm not sure if she's caught on yet, which also makes me happy :)

Anyway, cute napkins.  Love them.  However, since there are usually 18 per package, cute napkins will last our family for less than 4 meals.  That makes me sad (it's a roller coaster of emotion when it comes to cute napkins over here).  So here's what I do.  I cut them in half.

I do!  I really do.  I unfold once, then cut along the fold, so instead of 4 squares of napkin, each person gets only 2.  I've found this is plenty for our family's needs.  Unless we have tacos, in which case this is plenty for 4/5 of our family's needs.  I'm good at many things, but eating tacos without getting them all over myself is not one of them.

In this way, that package of cute napkins will last for at least 7 family meals.  

You might have noticed I said they will last for at least 7 family meals.  'Cause here's what else I do.

Summer Pool Party Luncheon Napkins
If the napkins aren't used (which happens more frequently around our dinner table than it should), I put 'em back in the pile to be used for the next meal.  

I cut my paper napkins in half and I reuse them.  Yup, true confessions, here.  And just in case it makes you sad to use up the last of the cute napkins, a handy tip.  My public service for the day.
Soccer Luncheon Napkins : The Party Cupboard

A slightly more well-known fact (because I posted it to facebook, which confused some people): that same one-of-my-favorites sister in law recently sent me rocks.  In the mail.

That's how I know she loves me.  Love her, too.

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