Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

The first time I met the Bluefields, I was struck by two things.  One: they are always on the go.  Two: they eat often.  It became kind of a joke between us--do an activity, then eat, do another activity, eat again.  Our recent trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks was just like that.  This made my family, and in particular AKD, very happy.  And, in true Bluefield fashion, I feel like I need a vacation to recover from our vacation.

Here are some pics.
Somewhere in Wyoming.  The boys couldn't resist the opportunity to have a snowball fight in June.  I hightailed it out of there as soon as one flew close.

We biked about 16 miles at the base of the Tetons, from Jenny Lake to Moose, WY, and back.  We have a new family memory now... remember the time... when we went on a family bike ride... in the rain... and it hailed...?  It sounds bad, but it was actually kind of fun.  We biked in wedge formation, and Bubby was a rock star biker.

Don't worry--it's not real.
This is the moose at the visitor center... in Moose.

No words

...another beautiful waterfall.  This was the day we traveled from Grand Tetons back to Yellowstone.

The fam.  Frame-worthy.
This was a timed selfie ("us"-ie).  Set the photo timer on your phone for selfies.  The timer counts down on the screen, so everyone knows when the photo will be taken.  The screen is facing you, so everyone knows what the picture will look like, and can plan and adjust accordingly.  And, most importantly, you won't jostle the camera by pushing the button to take the picture.  Brilliant.

Most people think of Old Faithful when they think of Yellowstone, but there are hundreds of geysers, mud pots, hot springs, and steam vents in the park.  We saw many of them.   They were stinky.  And warm.

The boys relaxing in our campsite.  Yes, AKD's hammock is set up over the fire pit.

We rented an RV for the trip--this was my favorite campsite.

Devil's Tower National Monument.
Sometimes we do things just to make the mama happy--like getting our picture taken.  Or in this case, we do things to make the daddy happy.  Some, or maybe all, of the children were pictured-out by this point in the journey.  Some of them are better at hiding it than others.

We saw bison, moose, elk, and a family of grizzly bears on our trip.  This was the most up close and personal we got, though, in Custer State Park (SD).

On the way up the Cathedral Spires trail in Custer State Park.

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