Friday, January 19, 2018

Declutter Challenge

Hi, friends, and happy Friday.  I promise my 2018 goals are coming.  Soon.  Ish.  Next week?  But in the meantime...

I signed up for a Six Week Declutter Challenge through Our Home Made Easy.  I am all about decluttering, and I am all about someone else telling me what to do (when it comes to clutter and cleaning), and it was free, so why not?

By the way, if you're all about someone else telling you what to declutter, you can still sign up.  You can jump in any time, and she'll just start you off at week 1.

Y'all.  It's been kind of useless.  Well.  I mean, I did go through our pencil and pen drawer (y'all.  We don't have a junk drawer) and throw out all the pens that didn't work and the pencils that annoyed me.  And I went through our "pantry" (we don't have a pantry) and found some food that, if I'm honest, we will never eat.  Two things.  Both of which were free.  But for the most part?  I've already decluttered the spaces that Brittany is telling me I need to take 15 minutes to go through. 

Today, the challenge is "adult stuffed animals," which is what Brittany calls blankets and throw pillows in the living room.  I don't think I need to declutter any of my three blankets or two pillows.  Yesterday, it was "what's in your drawers?"  Brittany said:
Today is all about opening ALL the drawers and cabinets in your living & dining room. Quickly move through the cabinets and toss any items that are no longer useful. If you don't love something, but it does have some value for someone else, place it in a donation box!
I have, um, zero drawers and two small cabinets in my dining and living rooms.  And guess what?  We went through those two small cabinets (they're not even cabinets, but ok), the day before, when we were supposed to go through our remotes and DVDs.

So the question here is, why do I still feel like I need to declutter, when clearly (at least according to Brittany's "challenges"), I do not?

The answer that I keep coming up with is, I feel like I need to declutter because I actually do need to declutter. 

But is that true?  Or am I delusional?

I guess I'll just keep reading Brittany's emails over the next 4 weeks, and hopefully I'll figure it out.  I might keep you posted.

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