Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Eight month chicken update

Hey everybody.  The girls have been with us for eight months.  Eight!

There's not much to report.  The girls weathered our recent cold snap just fine.  We had temps down to -17°F, and a couple of days where the temp didn't get above 0.  I closed the pop door at night, but other than that, the girls just went about as normal.

We're currently experiencing a heat wave, and I let the girls out.  They've been cooped up so long, they didn't even mind the snow.  Of course, within minutes of being outside, we saw a hawk swooping nearby, so that ended quickly.

Toasty is still giving us an egg almost every day.  Rocky and Esther are still not laying.  I looked up the amount of daylight we had on the last day that Rocky laid, and we will have the same amount of daylight again in several days, so maybe she will lay again then.  Of course, there are so many factors affecting egg production, so I'm not holding my breath.

In other news, we humans have been enjoying the snow, although we wish there were more.

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