Monday, February 25, 2019

Menu plan for the week of February 25

One of my favorite YouTubers, Our Tribe of Many, is doing a pantry challenge this month, which means they're trying to eat from their freezers and pantry as much as possible.  Over the course of the month, Sara has had to be more and more creative with meals, as they eat down the food in the house.  Following Sara's lead, I've been trying to use up some of the things in our cupboards--the ingredients I purchased for a recipe, but ended up with more than the recipe called for, and the things that I purchased for recipes that I never actually made.  This week, I'm using up a lonely box of long grain and wild rice to make wild rice casserole, and next week, I'll make lentil soup to use up the rest of our dry lentils.

Speaking of recipes that I never made, I still have not made the granola.  Yikes.  I had more errand days than usual last week, so that's what I'm officially blaming my lack of granola making on, but probably, the truth is closer to the fact that I just haven't felt like it.  Granola is another of the recipes that I planned to make to use up some items in the cupboard--we have some sunflower seeds and pepitas languishing away that want to be granola, but I didn't know what I would substitute for other ingredients that we didn't have.  I really want granola, so I'm committing to myself that I will make it by this time next week.  Y'all can hold me to that.

What ingredients do you have languishing away in your cupboards, hoping to become nourishing food to feed your family?

Here's what's on the menu this week:



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