Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Top 19 posts of 2019 (and one that didn't make the list, but should have)

Hi friends, and happy January, happy 2020!  Today I thought I'd count down my 19 most read posts of 2019, because why not? And it's kind of fun looking back over the year.  So, without further ado, my top posts of 2019, plus one more.

Tied for 18th place: 
I finished my purple scarf, in which I talk about my church being on the brink of something new

9 for 2019 June Update: basically the last update of the year.

Chicken Update

Tied for 14th place:
19 for 2019 Reveal, in which I do not reveal my actual 2019 goals

I made it out, in which I experienced a miracle

9 for 2019 July update: the un-update

Garden Planning

 So Judge-y, in which I confess to judging people for being judgmental.  Oy!

 Garden Update, week 8

Tied for 9th place:
 This week's Cricut brag post

How I do cards, in which I explain how I do cards.

Tied for 7th place:
 My Nine (goals) for 2019, in which I do reveal my actual 2019 goals

Hazel: a tribute

What should I do first?, in which I share my excitement. I have completed 6 of these 7 projects.

18 for 2018 Wrap-up

Perfect: "When did we decide that it's not ok to be proud of something unless it's perfect?"

My Husband Gave Me Cheap Vodka for Valentine's Day: I might ask for more this Valentine's day, but not for the same reason.

This week's Cricut brag post

This week's Cricut brag post: no, I didn't list the same post twice.  Y'all just apparently love Cricut blog posts.  Guess I ought to do some more.

It seems, my friends, that you like menu plan posts (I left them out of this list, but some of them actually would have made it), posts about chickens and the garden, posts about my goals, and most of all, posts about Cricut projects.  It's possible that these are my most-read posts because that's pretty much all I write about...but...nah.

And finally, the blog post that I think should have made the top 19 but didn't:
An Open Table (God's Extravagant Love)
You should read it.

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