Monday, February 15, 2021

Menu plan for the week of February 15

 If you live in the US, it's probably cold where you are.  I say this with some confidence, since much of the US is experiencing temperatures that are much below average right now.  I also say this knowing that cold is relative.  I feel like -20°F is cold.  I feel like three or four days of negative high temperatures is cold.  

I also feel like January is supposed to be colder than February, but I'm probably not right about that.  Temperatures are supposed to warm up through the week, and next week looks like perfect tree tapping weather.

Isn't that crazy?  Today, we're at around -25°F for a low, and in a week or so, we'll be seeing temps close to 40°F.  We'll be walking around in shorts.  Talk about temperature whip-lash.  Actually, no, don't talk about temperature whip-lash.  I'm good.

Here's what's on the menu this week:



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