Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lenten Practice Update: Week 1

As I mentioned in this post, I've committed, during the season of Lent, to finding 10 things a day, Monday through Friday, to get rid of.  Here's how I'm doing so far.

Wednesday I took the accumulated cast-offs, that we had already decided to get rid of, but hadn't yet, to the donation center.  Total number of items: lots.  
  • Three 50 gallon bags of clothes and miscellaneous household items
  • Two boxes of boots and shoes
  • Hose reel

Thursday I tackled my nightstand.  And can I just say?  I am shocked I was able to find more than 10 items just in my nightstand.  Maybe this goal isn't so far-fetched after all.  Total number of items: 12.
  • Three books that I've been needing to review couple of years.
  • Packaging and instructions that I don't need
  • Two chapsticks whose flavors I don't like
  • A backpack ID tag with outdated information
  • A small cylindrical container with a lid (it pains me to get rid of this.  It is such a cute container.  And I am a sucker for cute containers.  But I have no immediate use for it, and I am certain that I will be able to find something suitable should I need such a container in the future)
  • Sample package of gummy melatonin
  • A package of pencils that I got for free but don't like the way they write
  • A Starbucks gift card (yes, I got rid of this--I bought a 3-pack with the intention of giving them away.  I had people in mind for two of them, but not this third, so now I finally put this one in the mail to surprise someone special)

Friday I found some books, DVDs and Xbox games we are ready to part with.  I'm selling these through the Decluttr app (check it out--if you sign up using my referral code, you'll get an extra $10 when you complete your first order of $10 or more, and I'll receive a nice kick-back, too.  Enter referral code: DTRFXCPJLQ during registration). Total number of items: 25
  • 9 Books
  • 13 DVDs
  • 2 Xbox games

Monday I decluttered my jewelry box.  Except for my wedding ring, I rarely wear jewelry and when I do, it's just one necklace and one bracelet.  I saved a few other necklaces due to their sentimental value.  Total number of items: 22.
  • 17 pieces of jewelry
  • 2 bouncy balls (why were there two bouncy balls in my jewelry box?  I don't know)
  • 3 baby teeth (yuck.  Why do people save those?)

Tuesday I recycled some old magazines and coupon inserts.  Total number of items: 19

Total this week: 77

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