Monday, March 20, 2017

Menu plan for the week of March 20

Happy spring, everyone!  We put away the snowblower yesterday, so I guess we're finally conceding on this supposed winter.  It's all good, though.  There are so many great reasons to love spring--I'm starting to translate amorphous wishes to specific garden plans (AKD wants cucumbers and sugar snap peas this year... Actually I should probably get started on the peas, since they like cooler weather).  And, of course, there's the sap.  The only unfortunate thing about spring is the fact that it means the hot is coming.

I went to TJ's last week.  I had dark chocolate peanut butter cups in my hand, but then I decided to go for something with maybe a little less sugar, and a lot more protein.  Every time I've asked my friends or googled, "what should I buy at Trader Joe's," Mandarin Orange Chicken has come up.  Every single time.  In fact, Mandarin Orange Chicken won favorite overall in Trader Joe's 2016 Customer Choice Awards.  So I had to buy it.  And we're eating it this week.  Let's see if the food lives up to the hype.  And I'll just have to try those dark chocolate peanut butter cups next month--they won favorite candy, after all.



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