Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lenten Practice Update: Week 3

As I mentioned in this post, I've committed, during the season of Lent, to finding 10 things a day, Monday through Friday, to get rid of.  Here's how I'm doing.

On Wednesday, I went through the boys' bathroom.  I was absolutely shocked to see the number of medications we had that were expired.  Total number of items: 17
  • Pair of holey boots (these were sitting on the boot dryer over the register--why did I put them on the boot dryer rather than throwing them away in the first place?  Don't know)
  • 13 expired over the counter and prescription meds (our community has a drug take-back program, so I dropped mine off on Thursday.  Click here for information on safely disposing of unused medications)
  • 3 bath toys

On Thursday, I looked around the laundry room for some clutter.  Total number of items: 11
  • 2 pencil nubs not worth sharpening anymore
  • 2 dried up dry erase markers
  • 2 expired coupons
  • Empty bug spray bottle
  • Empty sun screen bottle
  • Huge paper valentine
  • Hat that I don't wear anymore
  • Mittens that I don't wear anymore

On Friday, I continued looking for clutter in the mud room.  Total number of items: 11
  • Empty seed packet
  • Discarded clothing tag
  • Pair of worn out gloves
  • 2 gloves without mates
  • one pair of fleece gloves no one wants
  • 3 winter hats no one wants
  • one poor abandoned flip flop
  • one red plastic thing (no one knows what it is--it's probably not important...)

On Monday evening, I was hanging out with AKD while he cleaned his bike, and I organized the shelves out in the garage that I think of as "my" shelves, because it's mostly my stuff on them.  Total number of items: 17
  • 2 broken sprayer nozzles (no worries, we still have three (count 'em, three) that are not broken)
  • 7 unmatched, holey, or too-small garden gloves
  • 2 pairs of ice skates (these are being donated to Bubby's school)
  • pair of rollerblades
  • 2 almost empty bottles of chemicals
  • a handful of potting soil (technically, I kept this, since I threw it out in the yard, but it's out of the house!)
  • an old iPad screen protector (this was the surprise of the day--no idea why it was out there)
  • a paper grocery bag of at least 2 dozen pinecones that I was saving for a project. 1) I can get new pinecones if I decide to do the project.  It is like they grow on trees, and 2) I had forgotten that they were even there, so if I did decide to do the project, I would have gone out and collected new ones anyway.

On Tuesday, I collected some worn out and extra sheet sets and towels.  If you have old towels or blankets you're looking to get rid of, check with your local Humane Society or animal shelter.  I also found a few other miscellaneous items.  Total number of items: 13

  • 2 sets of sheets
  • 2 single sheets
  • 2 random pillowcases
  • 3 hand towels
  • 3 wash cloths
  • picture frame
  • 4 toys 

Total this week: 69
Three week total: 232

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