Friday, March 3, 2017

This week in crazy dreams

As I've mentioned, I've been having a run of crazy dreams lately--I've been sharing them on social media.  I decided to start sharing them on the blog instead (lucky you).  Here's the best of this week's bunch.  Enjoy :)

I was at home with two other people, getting ready to go to a movie.  We finally got to the movie, and it turns out we were meeting some of Hubby's family.  They had the whole row, but there were only 2 seats available, so I told my companions (I don't think I ever knew who they were, specifically), to sit there, and I found a seat near the back. I got to know my seat-mates, and we had a great time watching the movie together.

Then, somehow I was back home, and we were all sitting down to dinner.  And then we were all getting ready for bed, and I had to change the baby's diaper (again with the babies. I really need to look up dream symbolism for babies), but I realized I had left the diaper bag at the movie theater, which is strange, because I did not bring the baby to the movie.  The baby just materialized at bed time.

So someone (my mom? Where did she come from?) called to see if the diaper bag had been found, and Karen said she had it.  So then Hubby and I were about to set off for the theater, when his cousin said that she and her family were leaving and gave me a hug.  I suddenly remembered that she wanted our rowing machine, so we traipsed down to the basement (the only part of the house that actually looked like ours) to get it.  Somehow, the rowing machine had turned from metal to wood, which I found surprising, but kind of shrugged off.  We did eventually get back to the theater, and eventually found the diaper bag.

Suddenly it was the next morning, and Bubby was late for school.  He needed to bring 5 specific stuffed animals from the pile lying next to our driveway.  I told him to get to the bus stop, that I would find the stuffed animals.  I found three, when all of a sudden the bus was there.  Only it wasn't a bus, it was a Volvo, and there were already 8 kids in it.  Bubby didn't want to get in because he didn't have the stuffed animals, but he also didn't want to miss the bus, so he was standing in the road in front of the Volvo. I was running up the hill and screaming at him to get out of the road and let one of the other kids take that bus (there was only room for 1), but he wouldn't budge. Bubby and I both got in and the mom started driving.  I thought she was going to our house to get the other 2 stuffed animals, but she drove right past.  At this point, our surroundings were looking an awful lot like Hwy 9 in Morgan County, WV.  I asked her to turn around. She did, and then started telling me about the vacation she and her blended family had just taken to Hawaii. I'm not sure if Bubby ever made it to school.

The end.

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