Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blogging at the library

So, we still have dial up internet access. Archaic, I know. It just doesn't seem worthwhile to invest in high speed internet, when pretty much all I do with it is check email, but one drawback to dial up is I'm not able to upload videos and send them to y'all (well, I could, but it would take hours, and I'd probably get kicked off and have to start all over--not worth the frustration). And I know that you all would love to see videos of the kids (not to play favorites, but probably especially of the youngest one, who's doing such exciting physical feats these days), so my plan was (emphasis on the was) to find a video clip I wanted to share, put it on my little jump drive, and bring it to the library to upload to the blog. Great plan, right? But, this plan requires forethought and planning, which sometimes I'm good at, but not when I have a sick 11 month old clinging to me and fussing all day (he's doing better so far today, by the way). So I'm here at the library, blogging, but no video and no jump drive. I guess you'll all have to wait another week...

And since I'm at the library, I feel inspired to let you all know that I am on book overload right now. Usually I read one book at a time, and I'm good with that. I love to read, in fact, you could say it's my main form of recreation these days. Right now I'm reading Tune In: Hearing God's Voice Through the Static for my Sunday morning women's group, and I'm reading The Five Love Languages for a local mom's group, and I'm reading various fiction titles (one at a time) for fun. And I was reading Three Simple Rules, because our sermons in September were based on that (small) book, and I'm reading the Bible, and I have on my nightstand, Facing Your Giants, recommended to me by my sister in law (and so of course I want to read it, if she thinks it's a good book). Oh, and tonight I will begin reading Captain Underpants with Cody. So the problem is, I'm having a hard time deciding which one to read, when I get some time to read. I'm also having a little tiny bit of trouble keeping everything straight (I need to have ch. 1, days 1-3 of Tune In read by Sunday, and chapters 5-6 of Love Languages read by some Thursday in October...maybe the 3rd Thursday?). When I see it typed out like that, it doesn't seem like so much. I think to myself, what are you complaining about? It's only 3 books (plus the Bible) that you're currently reading, and you'll get to Facing Your Giants some other time (if you can remember that Jodi recommended it). Perhaps the real problem is my brain is so full of other stuff, some of which I actually use from time to time, that adding just that tiny bit to it throws my brain into overload. Humph.

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  1. No high-speed internet? HEATHENS! Actually, most heathens have high-speed internet.

    Just for your information: even with high-speed internet there are times when uploading videos does not work for me, so if I were you, I would not even attempt it. You have already figured that out, but just in case you think to yourself "I might as well try" ... don't do it.

    Boy, I have a hard even time reading one book at a time in the allotted 3 weeks I get from the library.


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