Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My brother was right

My brother was right, as he often is. Here's the video I was trying to post when I had to leave the library yesterday. And, Eric, I kind of thought this would be the case, but one other time I tried leaving and posting at home and the darn thing was still processing several hours later--I guess there was just a problem with that one. I can't upload another video while one is processing, but that may be because I try to do it in the same post--I'll try doing it in a separate post next time. Now I think I'm going to go back and see if I can get Cody's video on to the blog. It's uploaded, but I cancelled the processing so I could move on.

Here's the post begun yesterday:

I cannot believe that I have been logged in to this computer for 55 minutes. Guess I waited too long for Cody's video to process. I'm going to be kicked off in less than 5 minutes...oh, how nice, they extended me because no one else is waiting. This is kind if ridiculous, though. Why does it take so long?

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