Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What we like about Daddy

So I made it after all. Who needs an afternoon nap, anyway? And of course I decided to lead with the largest video.

Know what's kind of funny? Yesterday Cody and I were talking about home row on the keyboard (he's learning typing in 3rd grade), and I realized that I really don't know cognitively where the keys are. That is completely motor memory. I was like: I know it's a-s, but I don't know what else! I think g and h are in there somewhere. He was saying e and r and I thought those were in the top row, but I wasn't sure.

I always kind of wonder what people are thinking of me when I sit down to the computer with my little one and plug my little jump drive in. I always wonder about the people sitting next to me, why they're doing this here instead of in the comfort of their own homes. The past couple of times the chick next to me has been updating or admiring or whatever it is one does with her facebook page.

Wow. Processing is taking a long time today. Of course this is the longest video I've attempted to upload. Cody just had lots to say. And it's amazing how much stuff there is in a library that little boys really shouldn't touch, especially here on the adult side. I wonder how long I should wait before I should just give up?

OK, gave up on Cody, let's try Caleb...

Here's what Cody said, "I like really that he can pay for our house so that we have somewhere to live and then I also like that um he lets me go fishing with him and he lets me borrow his kayak sometimes and that um he loves me and that I love him and he buys basically all my toys. See? This is Bumblebee, my favorite transformer. Say hi."


  1. Just a note: You say "processing is taking a long time". Once the upload is done and the processing is in affect, you can close down your blog entry and come back later. You have to be there for the upload, but processing is something that takes place on the server, so you don't have to wait for that.

    Of course, I don't know what happens if you try to upload another while processing is going on with one.

  2. Tyler and Connor REALLY liked Caleb's response.


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