Monday, October 13, 2008

Super Concentrated and the Amazing Caleb

I use All laundry detergent. It works well (and as you can imagine, as the person responsible for laundering the clothes of 3 active boys and a husband, I'm in a position to know which detergents work well), and is less expensive than the other detergent that works well. Scott also does some work for the company that manufactures All, so in a way, I'm supporting his business, and therefore our family, by using All. Lately the detergent manufacturers have been on this super concentrated kick. They contend that we are saving the environment by buying products with less packaging. Probably true. But I think it's a racket. We consumers look at that tiny little cup that they say is all we need to get our clothes clean and we don't believe it. No way could 2 tablespoons of detergent be enough to clean a washing machine full of grass/blood/dirt/various body fluid/chocolate milk stained clothing. So we put more in, and suddenly, that bottle of detergent that was supposed to wash 32 loads, is only washing 20.

The Amazing Caleb, this weekend, walked the diagonal of our living room unassisted, twice! And we have witnesses. Amazing. And then, I think we've discovered Caleb's first word, because as we were walking to the bus stop this morning, Caleb dropped something and then immediately said, "Uh oh," in that cute little boy voice of his. He has said uh oh before, but this time it was clear that he knew what it meant.

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