Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mustache Cookies

Because who can resist a giggle when faced with a beautiful woman holding a mustache up to her lip?

It all started about a week ago, when I was perusing Pinterest and I saw that someone had pinned mustache cookie cutters, of all things.
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This made me think of my friend A, who is obsessed with mustaches. 

I have to admit, I didn't quite "get" it, this obsession.  I mean, sure it's cute to put dollar store self-adhesive mustaches on people and inanimate objects, but is it obsession-worthy? 

But I love my friend A, so I'm willing to giggle about mustaches with her, and I posted the link to the cookie cutters to her Facebook Wall.

To make a medium-length story super-short, a few girlfriends came over on Monday to make mustache cookies with me.  Unfortunately, A couldn't make it, but J, MomoftheWildThings and I had a hilarious time with our mustaches.  Couldn't. Stop. Laughing.  It was perfect therapy to counteract the end of school busy rush.

It's true, J and MotWT are both beautiful women (inside and out), and they were still gorgeous, even with their mustaches on.  For some reason, though, neither one of them texted or emailed the pictures they took of each other to me.  Couldn't be because they didn't want to end up on my blog in mustaches, could it?

To make your own, use your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe (I like this one, from Betty Crocker), or store-bought cookie dough. 
  1. Take about a tablespoon or so of dough and roll it into a "snake".  
  2. Shape the snake into a roughly mustache-ular shape, and gently flatten. 
  3. You can stick popsicle sticks into the dough at this point to make it easier to hold the finished cookies up to faces. 
  4. Bake according to instructions, keeping in mind that these cookies are a bit thicker than usual, and therefore will take a little longer.
  5. After the cookies have baked and cooled, pipe yellow, orange, red, brown, or black frosting "hairs" onto the mustaches.  We even used a bit of toasted coconut and some chocolate sprinkles (aka jimmies) to simulate hairs.
Next up: Ninja Cookies!
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  1. Ah Ninja Bread Men. You could get a tee-shirt:


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