Sunday, June 17, 2012

{Updated} Summer Weekly Planning Sheet--FREE printable

So I've run into an itty bitty imperfection in my Summer Weekly Planning Sheet: no space for Saturday and Sunday.  See, I made the planner to assist in organizing our time during the week, so I didn't think I needed the weekend on there.  However, I've decided that I need an overview of the entire week so I don't have to look in two or three places for information on where we're going, and more importantly, what we're going to eat.  Because looking in one place is daunting enough.

Never fear--I've made the adjustment to include Saturday and Sunday, and uploaded it just for you!  You're welcome :)

With these changes, I'm thinking this may be just what I've been looking for in a year-round weekly planner.  I'll have to do a bit more pondering and get back to you on that one, though...

Just to review, all you need to do is print the planner and place it in a plastic page protector (or laminate or cover with clear contact paper).  Use a wet erase (vis-a-vis) marker to write in the dates, then write in the details of your week.  At the end of the week, use a wet paper towel or baby wipe to erase, then start over.

Sorry about the poor picture quality--the camera is off on another adventure
Did you notice we're attempting to cross THREE things off our summer fun to-do list next week? While it's true that we have 12 weeks this summer, and 12 things on our list, we're planning to be gone for some of those weeks, plus several of our adventures depend on good weather--last week's adventure (mountain biking) got rained out--so I thought we should probably try to get ahead of ourselves and at least get some of these on the calendar so if we do have good weather we'll be prepared to do them.

So, the FREE printable that will revolutionize your life!  (or maybe just make it a little easier):

Click here for an editable version: download, replace my chores with your chores, then print (the formatting makes it look like it's more than one page, but you can download it and adjust margins as needed).

Click here for a verson with the chores left blank: just print, then write in your chores

Blank Summer Weekly Planner

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