Thursday, June 28, 2012

Craft of the Month--July

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Well friends, it's July and summer is in full swing.  It's time to celebrate with some fun activities that can be done indoors or out.

July crafts of the month include: sidewalk paint fireworks, blow paint monsters or fireworks, and bike decorating.

Sidewalk Paint--check out my good (virtual) pal Valerie's blog for directions for making the paint.  You can either just paint with it on your driveway (or at the campground), or put the paint into a squeeze-top bottle and make fireworks by squirting it out--volcano-style.  The paint will wash away with the next rain.

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Raising Sparks has great instructions for creating blowpaint monsters. You could also use this technique to make fireworks if your chalk paint fireworks leave you wanting more. I think the monsters are super cute, though.

germ blow paint
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Next, it's time for a neighborhood bike parade, don't you think? Invite your neighbors  to join in (or if you don't have any neighbors, you can bus some friends in for the occasion) and use streamers, ribbons, pom poms, flags, even pinwheels, to express your creativity. When the bikes are decorated, take them for a spin around the neighborhood.  I've included some pics for inspiration.

You can find some patriotic clip art to use over at Martha if you're so inclined.

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