Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My birthday treat: Frosty S'more Cups

Yesterday, I was 38 years old.  I know this because I had to have some blood drawn yesterday, and you know how the clinic prints out those labels when you go in for anything?  {maybe it's just my clinic} Those labels said I was 38.  Today, I'm almost 40. 

I know that there's got to be a dividing line between one age and the next, and we've decided that a birthday is that dividing line, but for some reason, this year it really struck me how quickly time passes.  Yesterday I was so much younger than I am today.

Yeah, I know, those of you who are older than me, like, say, my parents, are saying, "you're so young!"  Those of you who are younger than me, like, say, my children, are saying, "you're right.  You're really old."  And those of you who are about the same age as me are saying, "no biggie.  It happens.  People get older.  Better than the alternative."

Anyway, this post is not about me being so much older today than yesterday.  This post is about my yummy birthday treat.  I decided to make these:

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Don't they just look divine?  Mmmm!  Ruthanne, author of Easy Baked, calls them Frosty S'more Cups.

The advantage, of course, of having to make your own birthday treat, is that you will end up with exactly what you want.  I don't really like cake, but these little chocolaty frozen treats are more delicious than the sum of their parts--just perfect.

Click here for the recipe.

Recipe notes:
  • I don't have a mini cheesecake pan {maybe I should get one}, so I used a dozen muffin cups.  I was afraid they wouldn't pop out after they'd been frozen, so I also used cupcake liners. You could also totally make this in a pie plate or springform pan, but I like the built-in portion control of the muffin cups.
  • I didn't have any whipping cream OR milk chocolate chips, so I substituted some melted Hershey chocolate bars.  This was a delicious option, but the chocolate hardened, of course, and made the treat a little difficult to bite into, so I highly recommend adding the whipping cream or some shortening or something to soften the chocolate a bit.
  • Ruthanne is way into piping things, which is cool.  Piping is fun.  But I just spooned the stuff in--it worked just fine.
  • Like Ruthanne, I had leftover pudding/cool whip mixture.  I agree that it's delicious, right from the bowl :)
Happy birthday to me!

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