Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Too Busy

Have you heard that saying, too busy not to pray?  Well, this girl is too busy not to exercise.  And pray.  Good thing I can do them both at the same time (see: Prayer Walking.  See also: working out with Jill makes me feel like I'm going to die and when one feels as if she is going to die, praying just come naturally).  For the first time in recent memory, I have scheduled my workout time, making an appointment with myself, so-to-speak.  Or with my friend J.  Or with my frienemy, Jill (you know, TV's toughest trainer?).  And writing it down

I don't know why I'm surprised that it's actually working.  Probably because of all the times I've made the appointment, but haven't written it down and it hasn't happened.

Anyway, on Monday I mentioned that this week is quite possibly the busiest week I've ever had.  I used to have a full time job and I think this is busier even than way back then when I was commuting for an hour each day and working for 8.5.

One of the things that's making me busy is medical type appointments for my kids.  Yup, all three of them have appointments of one kind or another this week.  Bubby went to the dentist on Tuesday.  AKD has a vision appointment later today.  And MC is having surgery on Friday. 

Oral surgery, that is.  But still, it involves not eating or drinking (even water) for 6 hours before his appointment because he's undergoing general anesthesia.  It's a fairly routine procedure, but, even things that are routine have ample opportunity to go awry.

MC has extra teeth.  We're thinking somehow some shark DNA got spliced into his genome.  Maybe during that summer I was cloning dinosaurs?  His upper front middle baby teeth fell out as normal, and his permanent teeth grew in, but MC also has two extra unerrupted teeth up there.  The worry is that they will continue to develop and cause problems for his permanent teeth, so out they come, bright and early Friday morning.  General anesthesia is necessary because they're going to cut an incision in his upper palate right near the gum line, and then drill the teeth out.  And when one's upper palate is being cut open, it's a good idea to be perfectly still.

We're all ready with the Tylenol with codeine and the soft foods, and the DVDs are all lined up for the movie marathon.  Now all we need is a covering of prayer.  You can even exercise while you do it.

Thank you, friends.

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