Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The One Time

AKD wants to make a hammock.

Let me say that again. 

AKD, my thirteen year old son, wants to make a hammock.  I love that he likes to make things--some people would find such a task too intimidating--not my boy--he knows he can do anything.

It started in August, when we gave Hubby this hammock for his birthday.

AKD fell in love immediately...but he didn't love the price tag.  What's a boy with limited earning opportunity to do?  Make it himself, of course.  Resourceful, that kid.
My boy made a plan and a budget for the project, and then went about raising funds.  The budget hinged on getting his material for at least 40% off--totally doable, considering that the fabric store honors competitor's coupons and the competing craft store has 40% off one regularly priced item coupons out all. the. time.  His grandparents gave him a combination of money and a gift card for Christmas, so he was all set.  AND the fabric store had a 60% off coupon out right after Thanksgiving.  Score.
We set off to get AKD's material, so excited that the project was finally under way.  We arrived at the fabric store, scooped up the fabric, and AKD dutifully waited in the cutting line with his bolt.  When it was AKD's turn, he confidently strode to the counter and asked for 3 and a half yards.  The fabric cutter then informed my boy that the fabric was on sale.
On sale is usually a good thing.  I mean, my mantra. 
 Why pay full price when you don't have to (and you very rarely have to)?
But did you catch that thing up there about the coupon being good for a percentage off a regularly priced item?  Yeah.  That.  The coupon could not be used on the fabric because it was on sale, so the sale price placed that material firmly beyond AKD's budget.
Ugh.  The one time you don't want something to be on sale.
I totally tried to get them to charge us full price.  It's not signed as being on sale, I said.  Surely, they can adjust the price for us at the register, I said.  But no.  The could not, or would not.  AKD thought I must be feverish or something, and I must say, I did feel a little ill.
And so we wait.  I'm checking the price online once or twice a week, hoping for it to not be on sale.  And every time I check, that link to a printable 40 or 50 % off coupon is just taunting me from the top of the page.
Still on sale, by the way.  For a better price now than right after Thanksgiving, but still beyond the budget.
*Sigh*  Patience...

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