Monday, December 23, 2013

Well...maybe I do...

Remember when I said I don't do windows?  I might just have to rethink that.  I had revelation last week, courtesy of Money Saving Mom.  Crystal shared her 2 hour cleaning plan.  Which apparently she's shared before, and apparently I have consistently ignored when she's shared it before.

I mean, other people's cleaning plans?  They rarely work for me.  So why would I take the time to read yet another?  But for some reason, I did, and that's when it jumped out at me.

Click here and see if you can spot it.  Go on.  I'll wait.

Did you see what I'm talking about?

First of all, what a great plan.  Seriously, sometimes don't you just need someone to tell you where to start?  And what order to go in?  My number one difficulty with cleaning is I don't know where to start.  I don't know how to decide which messes take priority over the others.  And then I keep getting distracted.

But what really made me rethink my position on window cleaning was item number 8:
Take some window cleaner and spot clean the main glass windows/doors/mirrors (3 minutes).

Spot clean?  I can spot clean those puppies?  In 3 minutes?  Wha?  Why?  Why have I not thought of this before?

You see, the biggest obstacle to me cleaning windows is not actually that my kids will make them dirty again.  I mean, I wash their clothes and dishes and clean the bathrooms and vacuum all the time, and those are dirty within minutes, too.  No, the biggest obstacle is that it's so much work.  We have beautiful wood lattice-work on our windows, so in order to clean the windows, I either have to clean each little rectangle separately, which is a royal pain, like washing 16 windows instead of one, or take the lattice out, which is also a royal pain because it doesn't come out easily and the little clips break or fall out.

But not anymore!  Not now that I know I can clean just the spots that need cleaning.  I can spray cleaner on my paper towel or microfiber cloth or whatever, and clean just the parts that need cleaning.


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