Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Remember to give the medicine

Have you ever had to give your kids medicine?  Have you ever forgotten whether or not you've given your kids their medicine?

It's a huge issue for me.  It's not that I forget to give it, it's that I forget that I've already given it...or not.  And I really, really do not want to double dose.

I finally bought one of those pill organizers for myself because I kept forgetting whether or not I'd taken my meds yet that day.

And that works just fine for my daily medications, but what about for medications that are liquids or need to be refrigerated?  Those don't work too well in the little boxes.  Bubby is finishing up his second round of antibiotics for an infection today and it's been especially difficult to remember whether or not he's gotten his dose each morning and evening this time around.  Could it be that there's something else on my mind?  An upcoming holiday, perhaps? 
That's where today's tip, from The Happy Home Fairy, comes in. 
Use a sharpie to make a grid on the bottle, and mark off the appropriate square each time you give the med.
for when the kids are sick
Genius, I tell you.  Thanks, Happy Home Fairy!

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