Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Have you been there?  Have you taken a bite so large you can't chew it?  Our kids have, from time to time, and let me tell ya, it ain't pretty.

Because when your mouth is so full that you can't even chew, the only thing you can do is spit something out.  And spitting things out is wasteful and no fun, so it's better to take more manageable bites.  And while it might take longer to finish eating if you're taking smaller bites, you will, at least, be able to finish.

True with food; true with other obligations in life.

When my plate is full, so to speak, of obligations, so many that I'm not able to fulfill them all, it's paralyzing.  I look at my schedule and realize I've got too much to do, and instead of taking a step, just one step, I shut down.  All I can do at that point is spit out some of my obligations.  It's why I try to build a little bit of grace into my schedule, so I don't have to renege on commitments that are too much to handle.  It's why I take smaller bites of life.  I may not be able to do everything I'd like to do right now, but I will get to it eventually, and have a much more pleasant experience along the way.

And speaking of bites and obligations, we have the final Christmas treat line-up.

It includes (drum roll, please...):

Christmas Tree Cake Pops
  • Tree Cake Pops (amazing how much better looking Bakerella's are--it's like we didn't even make them from the same recipe or something...Or maybe she just has a little tiny bit more practice...)
  • Peppermint Oreo Truffles (been looking forward to these all year)
  • No Bake Reese's Bars (so easy...like, put them together in less than 5 minutes easy...and so delicious!)


  • Snickerdoodles (the misunderstood "Christmas" cookie)
  • Swirly Sugar Cookies (easy to make, but so impressive looking.  You can even use pre-made sugar cookie dough)
  • Oreo Snowman Faces (Pinterest strikes again.  Saw these and HAD to make them.  Decided not to fuss with the "pops" part, though)
 PhotobucketReindeer-treats theidearoom.net
Little Cookies and Turtle Thumbprint cookies also made the list, but I had to let go of them.  I even got as far as making the dough for the Turtle Cookies before realizing it was too much.  It's in the freezer, and I'm sure they'll taste just as good in January.  Even better, perhaps, because they're not in competition with all the other delicious treats.

So here's how the progress stands as of this moment.  The Tree Cake Pops, No Bake Reese's Bars, Oreo Snowman Faces, Double Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies, and Marshmallow Snowman pops are done. Completed.  Finis.

The dough for the swirly sugar cookies is ready to be sliced and baked.  The snickerdoodle dough is made, but still needs to be shaped and baked.  The oreo truffle innards are chilling but need to be dipped, and the Nutter Butter Reindeer are still but a twinkle in my chocolate-loving eye.

Oh, and I did make Peppermint Bark as well, but I'm not counting it since it's mostly gone...

How are you doing with your Christmas preparations?  Did you bite off more than you can chew?  Feel free to spit some out, my friends.  You'll savor it more if there's less on your plate.

Me?  I'm gonna go take a nap. *Hugs* everyone!

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