Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Menu plan for (the rest of) the week of October 12

Guess what happened, friends!

Life.  That's what happened.  We had a house-full this weekend, and my menu, along with my blogging schedule (such as it is) got all blown to bits.

So we didn't quite follow last week's menu plan, but I was strangely OK with that.  Here's why.  My menu plan, whereby I am preparing a week's worth of suppers that I know my family likes and then repeating it over and over again for the duration of October, has become the default.  I don't have to think about what to make.  I just know that Monday is burgers, Tuesday is chicken in the crock pot, Wednesday is tacos or nachos, etc.  There's a default, a fall-back.  I always know what's for supper.  However, if I come across something else that I want to try, I can just replace one of the default meals.

Most of my menu-planning angst comes from the necessity of coming up with ideas on a deadline week after week.  Well, that, and the fact that the people I'm feeding have such varied and peculiar tastes (exhibit 1: the kid who doesn't like cheese.  Exhibit 2: the kid claims to not like cheese, but who eats cheese like ... well, like he likes cheese.  Exhibit 3: the kid who prefers cauliflower to pears and won't eat potatoes)...

With my default menu in place, I don't have to come up with ideas, but if I do come up with ideas, I can easily plug them in.

So when we had guests almost doubling the population of our household over the weekend, it was super easy to plan meals (well, supper, anyway).  I think I kind of love this method of menu planning.  I just hope there's enough variety to keep the natives happy long term.

In other news, all of our guests brought bananas with them.  And, failing to eat them, left them with us.  In addition, knowing that a lot of our guests like bananas, I bought bananas in preparation for their visit.  So now we have many more bananas than we really want to have or can use in various stages of ripeness and over ripeness decorating our countertops.  To our guests, I say: thank you for sharing your banana bounty with us.  So generous.  As they say, sharing is caring.  The fruit flies thank you, too.

Here's what's on the menu this week (cut & paste from last week...Love):

Next Monday:
  • Hamburgers
What's on your menu this week?

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