Monday, October 5, 2015

Menu plan for the week of October 5

Hey everyone.  So, my month of planned meals is over.  Remember when I said I had another menu planning idea that I thought might work for me?

Well, this isn't it.

But I think this will work better for me.  Then again, this is the girl who could (and sometimes does) have the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  And the girl who had oatmeal for breakfast every day for well over a year 4 years.  Whether or not it will work better for my family remains to be seen.

So there's this guy.  He may or may not be the same guy I talked about here.  I dunno.  But in any case, I'm pretty sure this guy is an expert or a professional.  At something.  And he definitely seems to be a productive person, just like the other guy.  Anyway, this guy says that we waste too much time making decisions, that to be more productive, we need to minimize the number of decisions we make.  So this guy wears the same thing to work every day, has the same thing for breakfast every day, always goes to the same restaurant for lunch, and orders the same thing.  He does this so he doesn't have to waste time making decisions that don't really matter.

I'm all for not wasting brain-power, because, truth be told, I don't have much brain-power to spare right now.  So, I planned one week of meals, and we are going to repeat that one week 4 times to cover the month of October.  These meals are all things that my family likes (I'm personally a little iffy on a couple of them, but I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of simplicity.  And no whining), and they're all things that I would still be willing to make even if Hubby has to go out of town.  So, I'm hoping for no changes this month.  We'll see.

Not only will I not have to think about planning the menu each week, I will not have to think (too much) about creating a grocery shopping list.  I've made a list for this week, and since we're having the same thing each week in October, I just have to multiply it by 4.  Sort of.  You'll see what I mean.  I will be doing a big shopping trip this week, and then in the following weeks, hopefully I'll only have to pick up perishables.

Are you ready to see what's on the list?  Well, here you go (I bolded this weeks' choices):

There will also be veggies and fruits and salads and breads as side dishes.  

I don't have to tell you what we're having next Monday, because you already know!

Additionally, I will be making apple pie this week, and canning black beans and tomatoes.  I will probably make other things, too, but I used up all my brain-power deciding on the menu...

If you planned meals this way, what would be on your menu?

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