Monday, June 22, 2020

Menu plan for the week of June 22

Today, as I'm writing this, I am tired.  I find myself longing for "before."  Before I had to wear a mask to leave the house.  Before I carried hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in my car.  Before I had to wonder and worry about whether my kiddos will be able to meet their new teachers in person in the fall, and whether there will be a football season for my rising senior.  Before everyone was home all the time.  Before I was hearing daily updates of how many are sick, how many are hospitalized, how many have died.

It hasn't been all bad, not by a long shot.  There are definitely positive things that have come from pandemic and staying at home.  But it's not all good, either.

I suppose, with time, the longing for before will fade.  I remember feeling like life would never return to normal after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, and it hasn't.  But it has, too.  It's a new normal--the post 9/11 normal.  I am longing for before, but will settle for post pandemic normal.  Because I kind of have to.

One thing that remains the same, regardless, is that we have to eat.  So here's what's on the menu this week:



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