Friday, November 30, 2012

Craft of the Month -- December

Well, my friends, the craft of the month club is coming to an end--thanks for crafting along with us :)

For December, enjoy these three snowy crafts:

Triangle Trees Snowy Scene

Bubby made this at school, and I thought it was so cute and easy that I should share it with y'all.
  1. Cut 3 large isosceles (two sides the same length) triangles from green paper. 
  2. Glue to a large sheet (18 x 9") of blue construction paper.
  3. Cut small squares or rectangles from brown paper.  Glue to form trunks.
  4. Using the end of a spool of thread and white paint, make snowflakes.

Cotton Ball Snowman
  1. Gather your supplies.  You will need: background paper (we used blue construction paper), cotton balls, something for arms (we used pipe cleaners but you could also use sticks), something for a hat and scarf (I cut them out of felt, but you could use paper), something for a nose (we used pipe cleaner), something for eyes, mouth, and buttons (we used plastic gems and buttons).
  2. Trace around 3 round objects of different sizes to make a snowman head, abdomen and body, on your background paper, or you can freehand a snowman outline. It’s better for the kids to have a guideline to fill in.
  3. Pull the cotton balls so that they’re flat and are 3-4 times bigger, and glue inside the outline.
  4. Add the stick arms and nose (pipe cleaners), coal eyes, mouth and buttons, scarf, hat, and pipe.

This is a fun activity to do while reading There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow by Lucille Colandro.
Just borrow the book from the library (or purchase on amazon) and gather your supplies, but keep them hidden.  As the cold lady swallows each item, place the craft supply that represents that item on the table.  So when she swallows some snow, put the cotton balls on the table.  Then, when all the supplies are on the table, but before the big reveal in the book, ask the kids what they could make with those supplies.  Then, finish reading the story to reveal that the Cold Lady coughed up a snowman!
 Borax Crystal Ornaments
Follow the instructions here to make your own borax crystal ornaments using pipe cleaners and borax (which can be found in the laundry aisle).

Use your imagination to come up with shapes--try snowflakes, stars, Christmas trees, hearts--anything you can think of.  You can add a few drops of food coloring to the borax solution to make colored ornaments.

Borax Ornament
Happy crafting :)

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