Sunday, November 4, 2012

Craft of the Month -- November

Whoa.  It's November already.  Which means it's (past) time for another craft of the month post!

Craft up some Thanksgiving fun this month with these three crafts:

  1. Fold a piece of brown paper (approx 9x12) in fourths.
  2. Trace child’s hand on paper, leaving as much arm as will fit for a tree trunk. The fingers are the branches.
  3. Cut out all four layers at once (if it’s you cutting—if the kids cut, you probably want to trace their hands 4 times so they can cut each one separately).
  4. Glue each tree/hand to white cardstock that's been folded in half
  5. Use fingers dipped in paint to add red, yellow, orange, green, and brown leaves.
  6. When the cards dry, use them to send Thanksgiving greetings to friends and family.

  1. You can use real gourds, if you happen to have any, or for a more permanent craft, use simulated gourds from the craft store. 
  2. Figure out how to get the gourds to stand—you might try gluing on Popsicle sticks to make a platform, playdoh, maybe cutting off part of the bottom.
  3. Use feathers, googly eyes, pipecleaners, and whatever else you can think of to turn the gourds into turkeys—it might help to have a few pictures of turkeys available for the kids to look at.

Thankful Turkey PaperCraft

turkey craft
Click here for template

Click here for template

  1. Cut a turkey body from brown paper and several feathers from colored paper, either freehand, or choose one of the templates above.
  2. Glue the turkey together--if you used a template, follow its instructions.  If you're crafting freestyle, don't forget to add details like eyes, a beak and snood (that red thing that hangs down over the beak), and feet.
  3. Write one thing the child is thankful for on each feather--you can either do this all at once while you're crafting, one each day, or as ideas occur.

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