Friday, March 15, 2013

Green Drinks with Leprechaun Mustache Straws

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, and since it's coming up, I figured we needed some props around here. To accentuate our Irish-ness. So I recruited my friend J to come over and make some Leprechaun mustache straws with which to drink green drinks.  Because that's what St. Patrick's Day is all about.  Right?

To make your own, just cut a mustache shape out of orange paper or craft foam--I printed out some mustache clip art for inspiration--then cut two slits in the middle so you can slip it on to a green straw. I picked these straws up on Amazon, but you can use any old straw you happen to have around.
Whip up a batch of yummy homemade shamrock shakes (recipe here), and enjoy!
To make it extra fancy, rim the glass with green sugar or give it a dollop of redi-whip and sprinkle shamrock decors on top. Or both. We weren't feeling extra fancy enough to actually go out and obtain these things, so we just went with the basics.

Happy Leprechaun mustache-ing!

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