Monday, March 11, 2013

More Easter Crafts From Around the Web

I've been doing some looking around for Easter Crafts and decided to share some of them with you.  Click the pictures for directions.

Use construction paper, tissue paper, and contact paper to make this gorgeous empty cross suncatcher from Almost Unschoolers.

Love this idea!  Bury a terra cotta pot to make an empty tomb and plant grass on the hill.

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Here's another empty tomb craft if you're not feeling ambitious enough to make the planter above.  Added bonus: you might just have everything on hand already to make this.

Not really a craft, but we love getting out our Resurrection Eggs (thanks, Buckwheat!) every year to count down to Easter.  Each egg has a symbol representing a part of the Resurrection story, along with a Bible verse or two to read.  The booklet is in English and Spanish.

Oooh, these Easter chicks are so cute, I just wanna squeeze 'em.  Save your egg cartons to make your own.

And another cute chick.  I totally would have made these with Car the other day if I had had yellow paper plates.  Only too late did I realize that, through the power of paint, white paper plates can become any color I wish ;)

Incredible Egg Geode
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Well, in this post, anyway, the chicks :)  Aren't these pretty?  Steve Spangler explains how to make these "geode" eggs (it's alum crystals!). 

Cascarones are a Mexican tradition.  Fill the eggs with confetti, small toys, or candy and hide them.  Celebrate Easter by smashing them over your head when you find one.

The obligatory bunny craft.  This website is written in a language that I don't understand, but these look fairly simple to put together.

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Again with a language I don't understand...but here's how to make lovely Easter eggs out of string or yarn.  Amaze your kids by putting a few pieces of candy in the balloon before applying string that's been soaked in glue.  When the string is dry, pop the balloon and fish it out.

Click here for even more Easter crafts and activities from our archives.
Click here for some cute Easter food-crafts.

Happy Easter Crafting!

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