Friday, September 4, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Guard your wallet

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know it's Friday.  But it is completely acceptable to post Tuesday's Tip on a Friday.

Because I said so.  And I'm in charge around here.

So, because I'm all about serving the public, here's a tip for ya.  On Friday.  Because this one's just too indispensable to wait.

Don't leave your wallet 
in the vehicle 
that someone will be 
parking at the airport 
for the next 4 days.

when you have no cash and 
you promised to take your kids to the pool 
with the climbing wall and zipline, 
but you also need to buy gas, 
because whoever drove the big ol' 'burban last left it near empty
and drive children 
all over creation
because it's the first week of school
and sports happened.

You are so welcome for that helpful hint.

OK, so maybe that tip is just a tad bit narrow in focus.  Maybe you don't have access to a vehicle that gets parked at the airport frequently.  Or ever.  In that case, here's another tip.  Again, on Friday.  Because it's still Friday and I'm still talking.

Photocopy (or scan or take a picture of) the contents of your wallet, front and back, and leave a copy somewhere secure, but accessible.

Here's why.  If you are ever unfortunate enough to misplace your wallet, or your wallet is stolen, having a copy of all of your cards and identification will make it easier to 1. call everyone who needs to be notified that your info is stolen and/or possibly compromised and 2. work on replacing said items.

Here's the deal.  All of your debit and credit cards, insurance cards, even your library card, have your account information and a phone number to call if you need assistance.  If those things are not in your possession, how quickly will you be able to assemble that information?  And will you even remember everything that's in your wallet when you're all flustered about not knowing where it is or knowing that it's in the hands of some criminal?  Yeah.  Didn't think so.  Photocopying the contents of your wallet is a quick and easy way to get all that information together in the same place, just in case you need it.

Also?  It's a good idea to keep cash somewhere other than your (or your 15 year old son's) wallet.  Just in case you are temporarily separated from said wallet.  For four days while it's at the airport.  And you can't get in to retrieve it because you need a credit card to get in to the parking ramp.  *ahem*

I hope you enjoyed this helpful non-Tuesday tip.

That is all.

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