Saturday, January 1, 2022

21 for 2021 goal wrap-up, part 2

Hey.  Happy 2022!  Let's be great this year.

As promised, I'm back today with part 2 of my 2021 goal wrap-up.  

So here we go.  The format will be original goal, followed by my commentary and whether or not, and how, the goal was accomplished and/or what I thought and/or think about it.

  • Complete 12 new (to me) hikes.  Stretch goal: 21 new to me hikes
I'm not sure how many new (to me) hikes I completed.  It was more than 4 and less than 12.  When I set this goal, I was counting on my middle and youngest kiddos hiking with me on Wednesdays when their school let out 3 hours early every week.  And they did.  But then it got super cold (by super cold, I generally mean high temperatures below 0°F), and I didn't have the heart to force them to hike with me when we had cold temps and even colder wind chills.  And then it got warmer, but MC started an after school job, and Bubby started up football training on Wednesdays.  I know, excuses.  I definitely could have accomplished this goal even with those circumstances.  But I didn't.
  • Complete streaks of 20 and 21 days.  The 20 day streak will lend itself nicely to a Monday through Friday goal, and the 21 day streak will work for a 7 day a week goal.
I flossed my teeth every day for 21 days.  I did not accomplish the 20 day streak--I would have if I'd treated it the same way as the 21 day streak, rather than weekdays for 4 weeks.  Oh well.
  • Send birthday cards to 12 people I don't usually send birthday cards to.
Nope.  Sorry, people I don't usually send birthday cards to.
  • Walk at least 202.1 miles (hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and running count.  As if I'm going to run any miles.  Ha).
Yup, I did that.  I think I passed the mark in July.  I mean, I probably passed the mark way before then, but that was when I passed the mark with walks recorded in my activity app.
  • Plant a pine cone.
Nope.  But I did, from time to time, look for likely pine-cone-planting candidates as I walked from the house to the chicken coop and back.
  • Go to at least one in-person flower show at the conservatory.  Stretch goal: go to all of the shows either in person or virtually.
Nope.  I made an attempt to get our Christmas visitors to go with me, thus accomplishing this goal, but it didn't happen.
  • Obtain a non-plastic countertop (which I will keep under the sink, because I hate countertop clutter) compost bin.  My current kitchen compost is in a repurposed plastic container, and it stinks.  The plastic picks up odors from the compost, and will not release them.  That's why I need something not-plastic.
I wanted something pretty specific, and I haven't been able to find what I wanted for a price I was willing to pay.  I wanted it to be ceramic or stoneware, with a carrying handle, a seal around the lid, a capacity of at least 3 quarts, and a price tag under $30.  I also wanted it to look pretty.  Or at least not garish.  No dice.  I did, however, find something that met all but one of the criteria, and I ordered it yesterday.  It was totally not a last ditch effort to accomplish at least one more 2021 goal.

All right.  We're almost done with these goal wrap-up posts.  Back tomorrow with the final installment.

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