Sunday, January 2, 2022

21 for 2021 goal wrap-up, part 3

 As promised, I'm back today with part 3 of my 2021 goal wrap-up.  

Here we go.  The format will be original goal, followed by my commentary and whether or not, and how, the goal was accomplished and/or what I thought and/or think about it.

  • Make marshmallows from scratch.
I didn't!  I think this is the one I'm the most disappointed about.  The problem with making marshmallows is, it needs to be not humid, but my family doesn't really consume marshmallows when it's not humid.  Because when it's not humid, it's winter.  So I thought about making marshmallows lots of times, but I wanted to give myself the best chance of success (by not making them when it was humid), and I also wanted to give myself the best chance of people actually eating them (by making them when it was bonfire season and when we had guests to help eat them).  Someday, I will make marshmallows.
  • Make a list of 21 go-to meals that (mostly) everyone in my family likes.
I started.  I think I stalled out at around 15.  Which is not nothing.  But is also not 21.
  • Oil wooden spoons, bowls, and cutting board regularly.  Not sure what "regularly" means.  Once a month?  Each quarter?  Once a year?  It's too nonspecific to be an actual goal, but it's my goal, so deal with it.
Well, I oiled them.  More than once.  So, yes?  I accomplished this one?  The spoons need to be oiled again.  Please pause.

OK.  I'm back.
  • Attempt to donate blood 6 times.  I'm saying attempt because I have a history of being rejected, and I want to make sure all of my goals are actually achievable.  If I successfully donate 6 times this year I'll earn my gallon pin, which should actually be a 2 gallon pin, but I took a long enough break in between that they stopped keeping track of my past donations.
I attempted.  I succeeded 2 1/2 times.  I want to save lives, put a I kinda hate rejection.  And I definitely hate the blood drive workers not letting me leave because I fainted/feel faint, when all I need to do to not feel faint anymore is to  (I eventually snuck out the back door while no one was looking).
  • Volunteer not-at-home at least 12 times this year (I was going to say once a month, but since volunteering is a little more difficult for me in the summer, and I've already volunteered more than once this year, I went with 12 times).
Yeah.  I stopped keeping track, but I'm pretty sure I made it, volunteering for food prep, food packing, food distribution, and food ordering for a food bank.  Yeah.  I'm a little food-obsessed, even in my volunteering.  Oh, and ornament making, but we're not going to talk about that one.  We're just going to pretend it never happened.  And yes, I totally skipped out on most of the clean-up, because I had already been there 1.5 hours longer than I committed to.
  • Grow paperwhites.  These are the little white flowers that are available around Christmas time when the amaryllis bulbs are in stores.
Yup, I did it.  And I learned something.  Paperwhites smell like stale pee.  They're kind of gross.  So while I was thinking that I would save the bulbs and attempt to force them next year, I am not.
  • Create a new goal.
Should I?  Should I create a new goal?  The way I'm feeling about goals right now?  No.  No, I should not.

And that's a wrap.

How about you?  Did you accomplish your 2021 goals?  Do you have any goals for 2022?  Let me know!

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