Friday, December 25, 2015


Merry Christmas, my friends!

Yeah.  I blurred out our names.  Except maybe I went a little too far...

2015 Highlights

Family: Began 2015 ice fishing in northern Minnesota.  On the down-side, it was cold and windy.  So.  Cold.  On the up-side, we used our sled & picnic blanket to go ice-sailing ~ Visited family in Michigan & Illinois in June ~ Met Scarlet’s brother’s family for a fun vacation in the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota ~ Boys-only Boundary Waters Canoe trip in August

Bubby: 8 years old—2nd grade ~ Played basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring. ~ (with his Mama) read all of the Magic Tree House books in order—now he’s working on The Boxcar Children ~ Climbs walls; loves ultimate Frisbee

MC: 12 years old—7th grade ~ Played basketball in the winter, soccer in the spring/summer, and football in the fall ~ Boy Scout camp in June/July ~ Loves watching and playing sports and video games

AKD: 15 years old—10th grade ~ Joined mountain biking team in the fall ~ Boy Scout camp in June/July; Mountain T.O.P. mission trip in July ~ 2nd in age group at Wolfman Triathlon ~ Entered STEM+ Academy at school ~ Confirmed in October ~ Began drivers training ~ Loves kayaking & biking

Scarlet: Mama & wife ~ Mystery shopper ~ Blogger ~ Moms’ Bible Study Sisterhood ~ Embarked on “positive project” ~ Enjoys baking ~ Discovered a love of caring for chickens (but was (mostly) cured of wanting her own)

Sawblock: Dad, husband, Technical Advisor ~ Traveled to Mexico, New York, Ohio, Connecticut for work ~ Fishing trip to Hubbard & Crystal lakes with Dad ~ Mountain T.O.P. mission trip ~  Enjoys kayaking & biking

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