Thursday, December 17, 2015


Remember when I said I might need to invest in some wide-mouth jars?  Guess what I found at my friendly neighborhood thrift store?

Uh huh.  Five wide-mouth quart jars with bands--non-rusty bands--and lids that look unused.  For forty-nine cents each.  Yes!  Score!  These jars look brand new, and based on the fact that there are 5 of them, and the average canner holds 7 quarts, I'm thinking their previous owner bought them, canned one load, and decided no more canning for her (or him).  Their loss is my gain.  Now I can can some more beans.  Because one wouldn't want to risk running out of beans.

That's exactly what I was thinking as I walked up to the counter with 5 jars balanced in my arms.  When will I have time to can a load of beans?

As I was standing there in line, waiting for a box, of all things, for another customer, the lady ahead of me turned to me and said, I bet I know what you're doing with those!  And I thought, but did not say, I bet you don't!  She didn't.

Because really, who expects a young-ish looking mama to be hoarding jars so she can can beans?  Nobody, that's who.


Additionally, on the score!-front, the first 2 pairs of pants that I inadvertently ordered for AKD have arrived.  And guess what?  He loves them!  Even the wrong color pair.  He wants to keep them, which leaves us with one more pair of pants to deal with.  The third pair, also a wrong-color pair, the ones I ordered in the store, were shipped to the store.  If I never show up to claim them, the order will automatically be canceled and refunded.  Which means I don't have to do anything else with regards to the pants.  Halleluiah, it's a Christmas miracle.

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