Monday, December 7, 2015

Menu plan for the week of December 7 and beyond

It's December, y'all.  And didja know?  We have a kid in training to be a driver.


I mean, I know my goal in life is to work myself out of a job--I'm hoping to take on more of a hands-off, very-part-time consulting role when my children reach adulthood.  Kind of like the guys Hubby works with.  They retire, but they're never really gone: just extremely part-time, working a few hours when they want to on projects they hand pick.  That's going to be me with regards to this mama gig.  But yowza.  Nothing like a big milestone to remind a mama how fast time passes.

Anyway, since the kid in training is not yet a driver, the driver's training means the mama is driving more.  To pick up the driver in training.

And it's December, which I believe I've already mentioned.  I'm not as busy as most in December.  No parties to attend, no special performances, not a whole lot of gifts to be purchased, not too much baking (I really wish there was more baking...).  But it is so dark in December.  Sunset is right around 4:30 p.m. these days.  And the dark saps my energy more than any of the running around or extra December activity.

All that to say, this is my last menu post for 2015.  I know there's about ... one of you ... out there who relies on these posts to inspire your own menus, but don't dismay!  I've got 2 plus weeks planned.  Just add veggies, repeat once, and you're good for the rest of the year.

Here ya go:

Supper this week:
  • Hot beef sandwiches (this recipe without the mushrooms) with 30 minute rolls & provolone, mixed steamed veggies
  • Chicken bundles (similar to this recipe), carrots, mandarin oranges
  • Nachos with guacamole and taco toppings
  • Quinoa (or rice) burgler (browned lean beef mixed with quinoa or rice and mixed veggies, topped with a sprinkle of cheese)
  • Pizza (crust, sauce), salad
  • Dutch-style Pigs in Blankets, green beans, applesauce
  • Grilled pork chops, grilled broccoli, brown rice

And beyond:

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